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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

The ancient medicine
of the now

The sound healing movement has truly gained worldwide momentum in recent years, as people are becoming drawn to discovering the natural laws of the world we live in…

  • You will be guided through the process of creating your own sonic tool kit to assist you – first and foremost – in upgrading your own personal frequency, rebalancing your body and mind, and opening your multi-dimensional heart to the interconnectedness of life.
  • From that place of inner peace, personal power and self-transformation, Tim & Cherub will help you develop the skills and confidence to practice sound therapy; both for personal experience, 1-2-1 clients and groups.
  • Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science, they give you the theory plus the practical training you need to be a successful sound therapist.

To join the training please email:

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Training Option 1 (RECOMMENDED):

Hybrid Course With 2 full In Person Training in London Plus Online Training

Course Date: March 25 (Mon) to Sep 25 (Wed)

Please note:  We suggest our students select this option if possible so we can provide teaching to our highest capability.

Course fee: £ 1733

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Training Option 2: Only for Global/ International Students

Entirely online.

March 25 (Mon) to Sep 25 (Wed)

Please note: We advise you to only take this option if you are a global student and/or cannot get to the in-person sessions.

Wherever possible, we prefer our students to train with us in person so we can provide the most thorough teaching and guidance possible.

Course fee: £888

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March 25 (Mon) to Sep 25 (Wed)

Early bird: £111 discount – expires 31st Dec

To join the training please email:

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Do I need to have previous musical experience?

Quite the contrary!

…the less you know – the more you learn…bonus!

I had no previous musical experience – obligatory primary school piano lessons aside 😉 – while Tim came from a highly trained master level classical background, so you really do get the best of both worlds in terms of teaching styles. 

It is – of course – beneficial if you already have a musical understanding, but it’s not a requirement and we will teach you everything you need to know from any level you join us at. 

When and where are the in-person training weekends?

March weekend date TBC

March 25 (Mon) to Sep 25 (Wed)

Weekend training address:
Colet House, 151 Talgarth
Rd, London W14 9DA

How will we access the online teachings?

All students will be granted access to our private online member’s platform.  It is easy to use with all our training modules listed clearly, including a resources section for all course materials and a chat forum for ongoing support.

Will the online section of the teaching be live or pre-recorded?

We decided to pre-record all content to accommodate our students time zones, schedules and lifestyles, making the course accessible to all.

How can we interact, ask questions, receive guidance?

We have scheduled in two Zoom Q&A’s for halfway through the course and towards the end.There is also a chat forum in our private member’s portal and a very engaging and active private Facebook group.

You will also gain access to my private student hotline for queries on Whats App.
…all this considered, you will feel fully supported and held throughout.

I would be juggling this course amidst a busy life and schedule, I am concerned I won’t be able to keep up with the training, how can I manage this?

We have designed the course to be as flexible as possible, to fit around your existing lifestyle; babies, business, boardroom and beyond!

The pre-recorded content will be available on your private member’s portal to work through at your own pace and rhythm. 

You will have 6 months to study and digest before your assessment in late August/early September. 

However, although we support your existing commitments we do require your dedication, time and focus throughout the course to ensure you get the most of the experience and can reach a proficient level appropriate to pass the training. Please do consider this when evaluating whether it feels like the right time to embark on this journey. 

Do I need to already have instruments, or are we required to buy anything for the course?

If you already have a little sound tool kit – fantastic! Or if you are starting from scratch, that’s equally as exciting! 

Throughout the duration of the course we will guide you towards our favourite brands and suppliers of instruments and we do offer you a recommended list of instruments to procure – but it is not mandatory.

It would, however, really accelerate your progress if you were to invest in the right instruments that fit your budget throughout the 6 month journey we embark on together.

Our entirely online students in particular would ideally need to invest in a couple of instruments in order for us to adjudicate you from afar, whilst the in-person students will have access to our instruments for their assessment.

If I were to invest in some instruments, what are the rough price guidelines?

Price will obviously vary depending on quality etc, but this will give you an approximate understanding of prices:

Cherabella tuning forks: £65 for one, £120 for two, £175 for three.
Shamanic drum: £60-160
Cherabella crystal bowls: £188-644
(there are cheaper/more expensive crystal bowls available from other brands, we will cover this on the course).
Chimes: approx £40
Gong: £600-£2,000
Gong mallets/flumis: £11-85
Tibetan bowls: £85 and upwards
Shruti Box: £150 and upwards

Do I need to bring instruments with me for workshop courses?

You do not need to bring any instruments with you – we provide everything you need. However, if you have your own instruments, you are welcome to bring them with you. It may aid your assessment if you are playing with the instruments you feel comfortable with.

Will there be safety measures in place at the in-person training to protect our immunity?

Yes, we have chosen a large, ventilated venue with lots of lovely big windows and natural light. All students will be asked to provide a negative lateral flow test to attend the weekend.

How will we be assessed and will we receive a certificate?

We will be assessing all student levels of engagement and commitment throughout the entire course.

In August you will all be asked to carry out a written assessment, plus conduct four private case studies and submit written feedback from both student and client by the end of the month.

Our in-person students will be assessed on both their group and private sound healing abilities during the second training weekend. 

Our online students will be asked to upload four short recordings of their private case studies plus one group session to a private google drive folder for their assessment.

If your progress and potential is of sufficient merit, upon successful completion you will receive a PDF certificate on email and a printed certificate in the post after our group graduation date.

This will qualify you to become a professional sound therapist, and thus enable you to get insurance for this practice.

Are you affiliated and can we get insurance with your certification?

The Academy of Sonic Medicine is recognised as an Approved Training Provider with The Complementary Medical Association.

When you qualify with our Academy you will be able to get professional insurance; we recommend either our affiliates, The CMA or Balens.

I’m not sure whether to join the online or in-person course…

If it is accessible for you we recommend joining us for part online/part in-person. You will gain the most out of the experience and reach deeper levels of proficiency during our time together.

We have provided the entirely online option mainly for international students who cannot access the in-person training.

The benefits of doing the course entirely online are:

  • It’s a lesser fee
  • There are no travel and accommodation costs involved in attending the in-person training weekends.
  • You can learn from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of doing the part in-person/part online training are:

  • Gaining extensive, focused hands-on tuition and experience playing our diverse, rare collection of the finest quality and antique instruments.
  • Explore vocal sound healing together as a group and building your confidence in using your voice as a tool for healing. 
  • An opportunity to interact with each other as one sound family, building friendships to support you on your journey with the course and beyond.

How long do I have access to the member’s portal after the course?

After graduation you will have one year’s access to the member’s portal

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