Tuning Forks


These finely tuned, portable sound tools are ideal for finding balance on the go!

Pop it in your pocket & you can even retune on the tube!

Cherabella forks, produced to the highest quality in the UK, are the perfect addition to your sound healer kit of magic.

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Vibro-acoustic forks:

These forks are weighted, when struck, they make a very low, almost inaudible sound, like a soft hum, pulsing a couple of inches away from the ears. They are best received when placed on the body. The best places are the crown, the third eye and the thymus (the breastbone in the middle of the chest).

111hz –

Tuned to the frequency of the cell closest to your pineal gland, the 111hz fork releases beta-endorphins into the brain, flooding your body with happy chemicals! Feel good faster with your own 111hz fork.

136.10hz –

The frequency of ohm, & of the sacred ground beneath our feet, this fork facilitates grounding to the earth, helping return us to our natural rhythm.

Psycho-acoustic forks:

These forks are non-weighted, and when struck either separately, or together, they create angelic high-pitched healing tones.

528hz –

Known as the love frequency, this fork opens your heart to unconditional love

396hz – 

Prepares the body for healing and facilitates the removal of fear and guilt.

* All forks are £65 and come with a unique, handmade pouch

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111hz, 136.10hz, 528hz


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