The Cherabella Story

I got the best gift I could have ever dreamed of for my 30th birthday. My amazing parents, Baz and San bought me my first ever crystal bowl. It was iridescent, rainbow shimmering pure perfection.

And the crystal addiction began…

After a couple more years of leading sound healer trainings with Tim, recommending a plethora of instruments for our graduates to invest in, from flutes, drums, gongs, and beyond – and never having an answer for where to source affordable crystal bowls – I began the cosmic quest to find them myself.

And Cherabella was born….

Now, 3 years on, the Cherabella collection is bright, beautiful and sings in all the keys of the rainbow.

I am committed to making lovely quality crystal bowls accessible to all who desire to play.

Crystal bowls

Crystal bowls with handle

Crystal bowl cases

Tuning Forks

Contact me here to book a Cherabella play date, to discover the crystal collection, gain one-on-one tuition, and choose your very own crystal bowl.


Love & High Vibrations