Thurs 4th Feb


Yin Yoga & Sound Bath


Hampstead Community Centre, 78 Hampstead High Street, NW3 1RE






Deep, restorative, relaxing yoga fused with healing high frequency gong bath. The perfect way to unwind and

de-stress in a busy city…




Mon 8th Feb


New Moon Sound Activation


She’s Lost Control, Fashion Brand Hub, East London




Tues 9th Feb


Aquarius New Moon Sound Activation


Skylight Lounge,  1c Clareville Grove, London, SW7 5AU






The new moon has a strong inward pull on our consciousness, indicating change and new beginnings, making it a powerful time for manifesting, letting go, mantra and meditation. Bathe in a fusion of symphonic gongs, flutes, drums and divine angelic voice as they guide us all in a harmonic expression of ancient mantra.




Sun 14th Feb


Healing Frequencies of Love, Sound Meditation


With Tim Wheater and Cherub, supported by Claire Farman


Burgh House New End Square, London NW3 1LT





Experience unconditional love on Valentine's Day with a heart-warming meditation, followed by a cosmic blend of flutes, gongs and harmonic expression of divine mantra. Don’t fall in love - RISE In love…




Mon Feb 22nd


Full Moon Sound Activation


Skylight Lounge, 1c Clareville Grove, London, SW7 5AU






The Full Moon is a very poignant time to experience sacred sound, to open you up to accurate intuition, psychic abilities and lucid, or vivid dreaming. Activating your imagination through sacred sound will also promote any creative endeavours...

So join us.... lie down, relax and allow the healing high frequency to permeate every spiralling cell in your body back into perfect alignment.



Sun Feb 28th



Resonate; Surround Sound Healing Spectacular


Venue tbc






Join Tim Wheater, Cherub and their sound healing collective for another SONIC SPECTACULAR…featuring planet GONGS, Tibetan bowls, flutes, shamanic drums, and angelic voices.


Lie down, de-stress and receive HEALING HIGH FREQUENCIES, stimulating alpha and theta brain waves - inducing deep meditative states, flooding the immune system with happy chemicals, to WASH AWAY TENSION in the body

and mind...

Relax, restore....RESONATE!